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About MOM Resources

Welcome to MOM Resources! This site is made available as a public service. Its purpose is to provide a gateway to MOM resources available on the World Wide Web. The information is organized by subject area. Other than a couple of minor exceptions, each link in the Table of Contents will take you to the subject area where you will find the resources that are available for that subject. I have kept the look and feel of the site simple in order that the pages load as fast as possible.

Whenever a user may benefit from a MOM instructions, I have included a link. All of these links will be colored blue. If available, the link will be to a form that you can fill-in and save. Under each subject area you will usually find links to any Microsoft guidance or publication that is relevant to that subject. Most documents are updated to current status toward the end of the calendar year and at the beginning of January.

I generally verify the accuracy of the links at least once a month. Each of my pages will contain the date that the links were last checked as well as the date that the page was changed