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MOM 2005 Software Development Kit

Published: September 3, 2004 | Updated: November 16, 2004

The MOM 2005 Software Development Kit (SDK) provides administrators and developers with documentation and tools to customize MOM. The documentation includes information about developing MOM applications using the .NET Framework, creating custom reports, and connecting MOM to other management or help desk products.

The following list shows the MOM 2005 SDK documentation and samples for MOM 2005 and MOM Connector Framework tools.

  • MOM Management server class libraries: Exposes MOM data and configuration to .NET Framework-based applications.

  • Microsoft SQL Server views: SQL Server views that enable access to the data collected by MOM through management packs in the Operations Database. SQL Server views also expose the MOM Reporting Database in MOM 2005.

  • MOM Connector Framework (MCF): Includes Web service, API details and samples, and the MOM-to-generic product connector.

  • Scripting documentation: Rule responses can now be run using the .NET Framework using MOM 2005 managed code responses.

For a Developer Audience

This documentation is written for developers who want to build custom applications that use MOM operations and configuration data or create connectors between MOM and other management applications.

SDK Contents

The following list shows how the MOM 2005 SDK is organized.

  • About MOM: General information about MOM.

  • Using MOM: Includes procedural guides for using the MOM Server Class Library and the MOM Connector Framework, and working with managed code responses, response scripts, and non-Windows systems.

  • MOM Reference: Contains reference information about the MOM WMI classes and SQL Server views. This section also includes information about using the MOM SDK tools and utilities.

  • MOM Glossary: Includes technical terms used in the MOM documentation.